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In the future, high feed rates and high accelerations are no longer excluded with large, heavy telescopic steel covers. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of machine protection systems, we have developed a transport mechanism especially for this type of use, for speeds between 98 feet and 62 feet per minute (30 and 80 meters per minute). In an innovative solution, the transport mechanism eliminates high limit stop forces and corresponding noises in all operational positions, moving smoothly when the covers are pulled apart as well as when they come together.

Test runs at speeds exceeding 328 feet per minute (100 meters per minute) and accelerations exceeding 1g were absolutely trouble-free. Large masses and a large number of boxes are a welcome challenge for this transport mechanism. The system is not positively driven; as a result, it doesn’t have to move the entire mass. Depending on the length of the stroke, the only boxes moved are the ones that are needed. The mechanically muffled units travel on guides which guarantee extremely high stability.


With the advancement of our modular ALU- Apron system GS20, we are going to present you the solution for applications in new dimensions. Movable work room covers, tool and part changers, sidewise motion sliding gates and similar shields with a height up to 3.5 meter and stroke lengths of 5-6 meters (90° redirectable on both sides), and with speeds up to 40m/min and acceleration rates up to 0.5g can be realized without any problems.
More than one million forward and back strokes of testing shields on our test stand convincingly proves that the GS20 shield system is ready to be applied. Our system with upper roller guides, as well as additional (patented) bottom guide rails-positively guarantees a smooth linear and spirally redirected motion of the shields guarantee a fail safe application and long service life. Except for periodic visual inspections this system works practical maintenance free. This space-saving design offers, an optimal solution of the shield when opened. The impressive ease and smooth motion compared to alternative systems, with the tremendous sealing effect on every side are additional customer and application benefits.
Not to underestimate is the perfect visual effect of these modules, which leading machine tool manufactures look for. The hundredfold application of this innovated product in smaller dimensions already in use is considered to be sufficient proof for this reliable and clever Hennig design. 

Perhaps only a screw is loose, or perhaps more needs doing and you need a professional partner? You already know Hennig as a partner for Perfect Machine Protection and as a leader in telescopic steel covers. The development of innovative products and improvements of the highest quality and reliability for new machines as well as perfect service to protect your machines is our goal. Take advantage of our experience. We will put new life into your machine protection even if the products were not made in our facilities. We would be happy if you would take advantage of our excellent and competent service centers whether you require preventative maintenance service or repair of your covers. Do you like to service the covers yourself? We offer you…

  • Training of your service person.
  • Training for minor repair or maintenance.
  • Sale of all spare parts from stock.

Do you need professional help? We take care of…

  • Exchange of spare and worn parts including small repairs at your plant.
  • Major repair of our own or other manufacturer's products in our service centers.
  • New Hennig or re-engineered covers to replace the competition's products with a short delivery time in case the service and covers are beyond repair.

Do you require more? Certainly!

  • If you are not in a hurry this is good. The more time we have to repair, the less expensive it will be for you. Please allow us to quote.
  • Pay me now or pay me later. Take advantage of our regular and careful preventative service program for your machines. Don´t wait until it gets costly. When and how often to service is your decision.
  • First class craftsman and our service truck are available to you in “Just in Time“, even on Sundays or holidays.
  • Consulting service, for example, wear parts inventory, optimizing your internal logistic for a customer or service oriented planning, etc.
  • Detailed quotations showing all detailed cost before the work begins
  • New spare covers of any kind with short delivery.


The impressive innovations and permanent developments in machine tool construction represent us with a welcome challenge to provide complete component groups and new developments for the requirements of machine manufacturers and respective solutions in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
Together with some manufacturers of machine tools, Hennig had forced the development of complete, assembly-free XYZ component groups from the beginning.
The result is an available range of randomly combinable units, which can be adapted to customer requirements depending on the requirement, load, application, optics or profitability.
Profitability in particular and an associated, easy-to-assemble compact construction are of particular significance in the provision of such systems, apart from the self-evidently high demands on quality.
This is the exact point where we have applied our development focus and are now able to provide complete XYZ units from one source, which are randomly combinable with steel, aluminium aprons, lamella bellows or Flex-Protect.
For example, the X-axis can be fitted with aluminium aprons, the Y-axis with lamella bellows and the Z-axis with conventional TSA. Depending on requirement to speed, acceleration and demands, the individual elements are fitted with a matching drive (scissors, HS modules, etc.).
Complete component groups, ready to assembly, with all combinable components from our own development and production and compiled individually according to installation form and situation or customer requirements, we will solve your problem.
Ask us.


Hennig, a supplier of machine protection systems, specializing in complete subassemblies of XYZ systems, has introduced a new non-motorized guide system specifically for the use of aluminum aprons.
The system works in a purely mechanical manner and is extremely easy to push or pull. Depending on the type of apron (Aluflex or GS20), a reversing or winding system allows guiding in one or two directions. The available space next to, or inside, the machine determines the type of apron guide: whether to roll up or reverse, in an elliptical or spiral movement, in every orientation, even overhead.
This system has already proven itself in an outstanding manner for all XYZ modules.
The guide is suitable for high speeds exceeding 328 feet per minute (100 meters per minute) and acceleration exceeding 1g, and shows practically no wear and tear under these conditions.